Key Performance Indicators

Dhoot Nirmiti Pvt. Ltd. (DNPL) designs and implements comprehensive cost-control strategies for mid-to-large size companies and corporations. We offer our clients expertise in cost reduction, innovative efficiency methods by monitoring our performance with the help of the Key performance development of effective Key Performance Indicators.

Key performance indicators are broadly a bench-marking exercise to assess the performance of one project relative to another, to assess businesses compared to others within the industry and to assess the performance of the industry as a whole relative to the rest of the economy.

  • Committed Cost:
    With rising material prices and labor shortages, construction firms today face financial crisis when suppliers and subcontractors are not yet committed contractually- particularly on longer-duration projects.
    It is imperative for us to track uncommitted costs & to increase the proportion of committed costs where possible and, where necessary, to incorporate factors such as price escalation and contingent cost terms into their committed costs in order to limit financial exposure.
  • Customer Scorecard:
    To maintain competitive advantage, tracking of firm's ability to meet own expectations by compiling and analysing qualitative feedback. This retrospective examination of past projects helps us identifies potential deficiencies, enabling us to address such issues in current and future projects.