We understand the importance of innovation and professionalism

The inception of Dhoot Nirmiti Pvt. Ltd. (DNPL) formed in the year 1999 under the leadership Mr. Rajendra Dhoot, who has an experience of more than three decades, we have started our business on the strength of our engineering abilities, technical expertise team with combined experience.


DNPL is a well-known construction company in Maharashtra which has completed a number of Industrial / Corporate, Residential, Institutional, and Commercial projects. We have built an unmatchable team of the architects and the engineers under DNPL, which is responsible for more than 150+ successful projects to the date. We utilize state of the art technology in the execution of the projects to enhance speed, by which we save time and money. Our commitment to quality construction coupled with our experienced personnel keeps us on the cutting edge of the construction Industry. We are a patron member of the Builders Association of India, Pune Center.


An inspired approach to optimize the lifecycle of the project

The way we work

Dhoot Nirmiti Pvt. Ltd. (DNPL) provides clients Value Engineering (VE) services to optimize the life cycle of the project, including durability and cost. By examining all aspects of the design at the early stage of the project which results in the early involvement of the management, we reveal VE alternatives across all disciplines to enhance the value of the project and thereby deliver value for money to the client.

VE is a creative, organized effort, which analyses the requirements of a project and the client for the purpose of achieving the essential functions at the lowest total costs (capital, staffing, energy, maintenance) over the life of the project.

Value Engineering (VE) is a cost-cutting exercise without compromising on the quality of the construction. It focuses on client’s value system, his primary and secondary functions.


We stay current with the latest applications and building technologies

DNPL is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company managed by a team of technical experts ably supported by well qualified and experienced staff. We understand the value of our customer’s investment and respect it by delivering the product that matches our commitments and customer’s needs. We provide complete services right from concept to commissioning as per the requirements detailed by the client.


To be a prominent Leader in the field of TURNKEY SOLUTIONS &  CONSULTANCY by delivering world-class business solutions by using the latest technologies for our clients.

Core Values

Create values in all our dealings by walking extra miles to delight our customers. Upgrade regularly by leading edge innovation and accept responsibility for all our action.


DNPL shall strive to meet the divergent needs of customers and delight them by continually improving the quality of our services to match the best and latest in the industry.

Managing Director’s Message

We believe in customer satisfaction with all turnkey solutions in the construction industry. Building upon our solid groundwork, we are now ready to reach new heights with every forthcoming project.

We follow sustainable building design and construction practices. Our organizations having well experienced and qualified engineers and supervisors to look after the site execution. DNPL believes in making and developing long-lasting associations with its customers through better quality construction and after-sales service.

-Rajendra Dhoot

managing director

The story of our success

The history of Dhoot Nirmiti starts with many first steps. The step into independence. Below are some of the achievements throughout our jorney.


Expertise, discipline and precision


It is the policy of Dhoot Nirmiti Pvt. Ltd. to operate a quality assurance system that consistently meets the requirements of ISO 9001-2015 and to produce a service that conforms to specified standards of quality, reliability, and performance. DNPL is committed to delivering the highest standard of professional services, to serve, satisfy, and care for our clients in the construction industry through the provision of contracting, construction, and project management services.

We believe & deliver the PQRST Model:

Punctuality Quality Reliability Speed Transparency







We project manage the entire design and construction process

Our start to finish solutions

Dhoot Nirmiti Pvt. Ltd. (DNPL) designs and implements comprehensive cost-control strategies for mid-to-large size companies and corporations. We offer our clients expertise in cost reduction, innovative efficiency methods by monitoring our performance with the help of the Key performance development of effective Key Performance Indicators.

Key performance indicators are broadly a bench-marking exercise to assess the performance of one project relative to another, to assess businesses compared to others within the industry and to assess the performance of the industry as a whole relative to the rest of the economy.

Committed Cost

With rising material prices and labor shortages, construction firms today face a financial crisis when suppliers and subcontractors are not yet committed contractually- particularly on longer-duration projects.

It is imperative for us to track uncommitted costs & to increase the proportion of committed costs where possible and, where necessary, to incorporate factors such as price escalation and contingent cost terms into their committed costs in order to limit financial exposure.

Customer Scorecard

To maintain competitive advantage, tracking of firm’s ability to meet own expectations by compiling and analysing qualitative feedback. This retrospective examination of past projects helps us identifies potential deficiencies, enabling us to address such issues in current and future projects.

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